E-mini instant water heaters MBH 3

E-mini instant water heaters MBH 3

Small electric instantaneous water heaters do not consume stand-by energy.
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With CLAGE small instantaneous water heaters you have perfectly tempered water for washing your hands in seconds. Our mini instantaneous water heaters offer you a shapely design and are easily mountable under every hand basin due to their small size.

Our instantaneous water heaters are labeled with Class A for energy.

Small electric instantaneous water heaters do not consume stand-by energy! While, for example, a 5-litre hot water tank at the hand wash basin stores and heats water up continuously, a small instantaneous water heater only uses energy when water is needed at the tap. The water is heated instantly only in the amount and desired temperature for the time the tap is actually opened. 

This is where the MBH 3 is used:

  • Hand-wash basin
  • Sanitary facilities in commercial buildings
  • Staff kitchen

For which applications are small instantwater heaters suitable?

Mini instantaneous water heaters are especially suitable for use on hand-wash basins. Whether in private households or office buildings – small instantaneous water heaters are a cost and space-saving solution for hot water supply. Particularly small and in a modern design, they can be installed directly at the wash basin in guest WC or bathroom. By installing instantaneous water heaters directly at the tap, you avoid long water lines and have well-tempered water for hand washing within a few seconds.

The advantages at a glance: 

  • Warm water in seconds 
  • Safe to use: In conformity with the European Directives and Regulations regarding the insurance of safety and health
  • Energy saving: Energy efficiency class A
  • Water saving: Instantly the right temperature
  • Space saving: Compact and attractive designs
  • Easy handling

Efficient, attractive and economical.

The unvented E-mini instant water heater MBH is the energy-saving standard solution for installation with all conventional taps. The connecting kit is included for easy installation directly at the tap. And you’ll have warm water right away when you need it.

  • Hydraulically controlled instant water heater (undersink model) with compact design for the energy-efficient hot water supply for a sink
  • The full heating capacity turns on automatically as soon as water flows through the unit
  • Connection kit (T-piece and flexible pressure hose) for an angle valve is included
  • Unvented design
  • Dimensions (height × width × depth): 13.5 × 18.6 × 8.7 cm

We would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation. You can contact us by phone or e-mail. Take advantage of our online form below, and we will guide you step by step to the optimum instantaneous water heater for your individual area of application.

E-mini instant water heaters MBH 3
MBH – installation and mounting of the mini instant water heater at a washbasin.

MBH – installation and mounting of the mini instant water heater at a washbasin.

Installation and/or service precaution:

If major work is done on the home, the water network must be flushed of all impurities to avoid damaging your instant water heater. Videos do not replace installation or service manuals.