GROHE Solido 4 in 1

This is the BEST toilet you will ever have
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Solido Perfect Set 4 in 1 with ceramic with flushing cistern GD 2
1.13 m installation height

Not only does this toilet look modern and sleek, it is also from the worlds leading brand GROHE.
And as we all know: GROHE stands for German quality. We are the ONLY authorized GROHE distributor on the Island. Our customers receive 5 year warranty on all parts.
With the GROHE Solido 4-in-1 set, you will receive:

  • Built-in tank (Silent due to pneumatic hose actuated flush)
  • Ceramic suspended toilet
  • Soft-close seat
  • Chrome colored control plate which can be placed horizontally and vertically. 
GROHE Solido 4 in 1
GROHE Rapid SL installation

GROHE Rapid SL installation

Installation and/or service precaution:

If major work is done on the home, the water network must be flushed of all impurities to avoid damaging your product. Videos do not replace installation or service manuals.