GROHE Solido 4 in 1

GROHE Solido 4 in 1

This is the BEST toilet you will ever have
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Solido Perfect Set 4 in 1 with ceramic with flushing cistern GD 2
1.13 m installation height

Not only does this toilet look modern and sleek, it is also from the worlds leading brand GROHE.
And as we all know: GROHE stands for German quality. We are the ONLY authorized GROHE distributor on the Island. Our customers receive 5 year warranty on all parts.
With the GROHE Solido 4-in-1 set, you will receive:

  • Built-in tank (Silent due to pneumatic hose actuated flush)
  • Ceramic suspended toilet
  • Soft-close seat
  • Chrome colored control plate which can be placed horizontally and vertically. 

Product description

for on-the-wall installations or studded walls
powder coated steel frame, self-supporting
with fixed connections
for dry-cladding, completely pre-assembled
quick adjustment, lockable
fixing material
2 WC fixing bolts
fixing device for ceramic
distance of fixing bolts 180/230 mm
PP outlet bend Ø 90 mm
depth adjustable
reducer Ø 90/110 mm
inlet and outlet connecting set

flushing cistern GD 2, 6 - 9 l
adjustment ex factory 6 l and 3 l
pneumatic discharge valve offering 2 modes
of operation: dual flush or start/stop
water supply from left/right or back
low noise (group I acc. to German Noise Specification)
insulated against condensation
½" water supply connection including integrated
angle valve and push fit flexible hose union
no tools required for the installation of the inspection shaft
including protection during construction phase
for vertical or horizontal use
accessories for on-the-wall installation
including flush plate Skate Cosmopolitan
vertical and horizontal installation
156 x 197 mm
made of ABS

wash down WC, 3/6 l
wall hung
CE approved
WC seat and lid with soft close feature
material: Duroplast

GROHE Solido 4 in 1
GROHE Rapid SL installation

GROHE Rapid SL installation

Installation and/or service precaution:

If major work is done on the home, the water network must be flushed of all impurities to avoid damaging your product. Videos do not replace installation or service manuals.