Design now & Shop later!

Design now & Shop later!

FREE design & 15% OFF

Now that you are home all the time, you might be noticing that your bathroom might be needing an update: 

  • Do you have a bathtub that you never use, or your bathroom feels cramped and small?
  • Is your water bill abnormally high? Fixing leaks can save you an average of 10 percent on your water bill. 
  • We all remember the time when blue toilets and pink bathtubs were all the rage! Nowadays, not so much. 

All these updates can really help improve and modernize the overall look of your bathroom and significantly increase your home’s resale value. Other simple tricks include swapping out your outdated fixtures, handles, lighting, and flooring.

Let us help you with that, ….. our store might be closed, but we are still at your service.

Send us one or more pictures of your bathroom and describe what changes you would like to have. According to the information you send us, we can make a design for you. This is all completely FREE. After the design is finished, you decide if you want to make it an order.

When you decide to order, you will receive a discount of 15% on your new bathroom!*

*Order needs to be placed before May 4, 2020. Not valid on other offers / discounts. Only valid on new designs and quotations.

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