Water heaters


Our electronic instantaneous water heaters are a clever and efficient solution for the hand basin or kitchen.

With CLAGE small instantaneous water heaters you have perfectly tempered water for washing your hands in seconds. By the way, our mini instantaneous water heaters offer you a shapely design and are easily mountable under every hand basin due to their small size.

Our instantaneous water heaters are labeled with Class A for energy.

Small electric instantaneous water heaters do not consume stand-by energy! While, for example, a 5-litre hot water tank at the hand wash basin stores and heats water up continuously, a small instantaneous water heater only uses energy when water is needed at the tap. The water is heated instantly only in the amount and desired temperature for the time the tap is actually opened. The times when you burned your hands because the water temperatures were too hot are now a thing of the past. Since no pressure of heated water has to be released from small instantaneous water heaters, you save yourself the additional annoying dripping fittings, as is often the case with storage tanks. 

We only work with the instant water heaters from CLAGE GmbH, a reliable German manufacturer that was founded in 1951. Water and electricity in the bathroom is something that should be dealt with very carefully, especially when working with instant water heaters. If inferior products are chosen, the consequences could be disastrous.

The advantages at a glance: 

  • Warm water in seconds 
  • Safe to use: In conformity with the European Directives and Regulations regarding the insurance of safety and health
  • Energy saving: Energy efficiency class A
  • Water saving: Instantly the right temperature
  • Space saving: Compact and attractive designs
  • Easy handling


Below you will find the products we have in stock: