Freestanding walk-in shower

Freestanding walk-in shower

A walk-in shower is a real eye-catcher for your bathroom.

Without having to open a door you can enter the shower room. Often, walk-in showers can also be placed directly on the floor. In both cases this increases the ease of entry.

With the Free walk-in showers from Wiesbaden we have omitted the wall profiles and are thus able to place them 'freely' in the room. A Free walk-in shower is ideal for combining with the Comfort corner wall or the Comfort corner wall with hinge profile, creating a U-shape.

This 120 cm wide Wiesbaden walk-in shower is made of 10 mm thick tempered safety glass and finished with NANO coating. The included stabilization bars (2 pieces) ensure that the Free walk-in shower is secure after assembly.

Tempered safety glass:

All our walk-in showers are standard made of hardened safety glass. Safety glass, as the name implies, is safer than standard glass. In the event of breakage of normal glass, the glass plate will disintegrate into large pieces. In the case of safety glass, the glass is made in such a way that it disintegrates into thousands of small pieces when broken. As a result, the risk of serious injury is many times smaller. This is of course a big plus, especially at installation, where most breakages occur.

NANO coating:

On a microscopic level the world looks very different. In the case of glass, it can be seen that a glass product has many small open pores. Dirt and lime can quickly adhere through these pores. By applying NANO coating (machine) rollers, these pores are 'greased' and dirt and lime adhere much less quickly to the glass surface.

And that means little maintenance and less cleaning with the wiper, hurray!

All walk-in showers are 2000mm high and 10mm thick. 2 stabilizing bars are included.

These are our available width sizes:

  • 1200mm
  • 1400mm (only on order).

Please consult the manual before placing this product.